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Frenchie Crashes a Couple's Beach Vacation in Video That Has Us Laughing Out Loud

Dogs often seek out attention from strangers for a new person to play with or to sneak in some belly rubs. And who doesn't love meeting new pups? But on the other hand, dog owners might wonder why they feel the need to go elsewhere for attention. In a recent TikTok video, one French Bulldog really took the extra step to find herself some new friends to fuss over her.

TikTok user @daisycabral_ posted a clip with over 2 million views that says, "I found him laying next to another woman." This originally had us concerned some tea was about to be spilled, but as she moves the camera from a view of the beach to a cabana, we're laughing at how the "him" turns out to be a dog! He jumped right up to another couple, enjoying some new love.

Talk about having some confidence! He knew the right couple to mooch his way in. "That CHEATING DOG!!! 😂," laughed TikTok user @J. We were about to be so upset thinking this creator caught her significant other cheating, but all turned out ok.

"Not him saying I gotta put me first 🤣," said @ Luz Saucedo and @The Messy Mom added, "Not him looking away like "I do not know YOU woman" 😂," to which the creator responded, "I totally messed up his game." He didn't even want to look at his Mom! @Beverly Snow said, "This is hilarious!!😂. He's like, 'they are my parents now!'"

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@Americanlobs made a great point and said, "It just means you give him love and he expects that from all humans. You are a good person." This comment melted our hearts because it's true! Maybe this is why our dogs can't resist asking total strangers for pets and snuggles. Whatever the case, they're impossible to resist.

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