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Viral Video of French Bulldog Jumping for Joy at Mealtime Is All of Us

Have you ever been so excited to eat that you can't even bear to wait for the food to finish being prepared? We all know the feeling, and apparently dogs can't contain their enthusiasm either! One French Bulldog got so pumped up about mealtime, in fact, that he couldn't resist jumping for joy as his mom prepared his bowl.

A video of the over-excited pup was shared on TikTok by @kobethefrenchy, and with over 3.2 million views, it's quickly going viral. In the clip, you'll see the dog jumping up and down so high that he practically reaches counter level. 

LOL! That's all of us when we spot the server at a restaurant coming out of the kitchen with our food. It's like you just can't wait to get a closer look. So many TikTok users are laughing out loud over this funny dog. One commenter, @Roland Pingoy said, "That’s not a dog 🐕, that’s a kangaroo 🦘." HA! Just about! And @Rex Silverman made the perfect point, saying, "Dinner time is a time to jump for joy because the world is beautiful again..." LMAO. Yet another user joked, "Hurry up, mom!" Seriously! Mom was obviously taking way too long to get the bowl in front of him.

For those of you who were curious as to what concoction mom was making for the pup, she let everyone know it's just dry dog food and yogurt. Based on this dog's attitude, it's pretty safe to say that this dinnertime menu item comes highly recommended! If you opt to try it out with your own pups, just be sure you're prepared for them to be even more eager to eat!

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