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German Shepherd Comforts Crying Sister After She Had a Bad Day at School

It's amazing how animals can just sense what we are feeling. They want to be with us through every up and down. And honestly, nothing is more comforting that your best pal snuggling up next to you when you're down. One German Shepard has melted our hearts, as she knew exactly what to do when her sister came home from preschool crying.

TikToker @lizzieburnettofficial posted a clip yesterday that shows her dog, Mia, coming up on the couch next to her little girl after seeing she was upset. The heartwarming video has over 305K views. Turns out she was crying because of something that happened at preschool, @lizzieburnettofficial wrote in the comments. So Mia stepped up to the plate to comfort her. Nothing beats some snuggles and dog love to mend a broken heart! 

Aww! This is so sweet! @Leanna commented, "Puppy said 'not on my watch!'" Mia immediately knew there was something bothering this girl. She hopped right into mother-mode and wanted to protect her. The little girl's mom even said, "Kids can be mean, but dogs are always there for the emotional support," which we couldn't agree with more! 

"Sweet little girl 💕💕 I hope the cookie and puppy snuggles helped her 🙏🏻🌸," added @user7608317273351. Turns out it was the cuddles, cookies, and the new Disney movie, Encanto, that brought her out of her funk. We hope she has a better day at preschool tomorrow! "Poor little thing! Cry it out sweetheart and walk in there tomorrow like nothing happened! 💛💛 hugs," said @Brittany. 

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Sending this little girl and Mia big hugs! Now, can we get this doggo some treats for being a good girl!? 

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