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Video Appears to Show 'Ghost' Letting the Dog Into the House

"What the what? No, seriously. What did I just watch?" That'll likely be your reaction after watching this crazy TikTok video of a dog being let back into the house by... nobody, or at least, no human body. The video was shared by @mayailana22 and is captioned with, "The family I dog sit for sent me this 🥴." 

Since the frame of the clip is small, it's hard to see what's going on at first. It looks like an average video of two dogs inside the house, and another pup outside who wants to come back in. But if you watch it closely, you'll see the door open all by itself, and then the dog walks back into the house, followed by the door shutting. So, did the dog get some assistance from a friendly ghost?

Um, what on earth is happening, here? There's clearly no one hiding near the door to open and close it, otherwise, we'd see them in the reflection in the glass, so it's not an optical illusion. 

People who watched the video are just as puzzled, though a few were quick to jump into the comments with a theory about how the door opened on its own. One TikTok user, @yikesbye, explained, "It’s the dogs collar, it has a sensor on it. When the dog is close and in range to the door it opens automatically. We have one at our house." And while that explanation would totally make sense, the woman who uploaded the video (and supposedly dog sits for these pups) replied with, "It's not, actually!"

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Ok, so if there's no motion sensor or special collar, then what else could possibly be going on? It has to be supernatural, right? Well, it's super something. @AshLuv noted, "Everyone on here going straight to ghost... I'd be thinking my dog had super powers. 😂😂."

Maybe this is just a case of a superhero disguised as a dog? Whatever made that door open and close, however, you have to admit this video is pretty interesting. If there is a ghost in that house, at least the owners can rest easy at night knowing the spirit is an animal lover.

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