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Golden Retriever Springs Into Action After Baby Gets Too Close to the Fireplace

It's so sweet when dogs become such loyal protectors to the human children in their family. And one set of parents is extra lucky to have such a dedicated babysitter in the house in the form of a Golden Retriever named Winston. In a TikTok video that was shared by @trice_winston, the pup sprang into action when his human baby sibling got too close to the fireplace.

The text on the clip reads, "Winston's tiny human was standing against the hearth, so he went and laid down to pad the landing." Just wait until you see how sweet this good boy is, protecting the little boy from hurting himself on the hard surface.

Winston for the win! What an incredible pup he is! Not surprisingly, TikTok users are completely taken with his savvy babysitting skills. Everyone is talking about what a good boy he is, and how he was so gentle and sweet while the baby pulled his fur and climbed on him. @Missy said, "He must protect the little human." And @Dakotasxt80 added, "Winston is a superhero." He sure is! Another commenter, @Torchwood4, noted that these two will be friends forever, saying, "Friends and buddies for life. That is magical. Thanks, mom and dad."

Here's yet another video showing just how much Winston and his baby adore each other.

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Aww! We understand the "no face" coming from dad, but you have to admit that it's adorable to see just how much that pup adores him!

These parents will never have to worry about their little one getting into trouble with a loyal watch dog like Winston on the case. From the looks of it, they might want to raise his hourly babysitting wages! 

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