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Golden Retriever's Heartwarming Response to Crying Baby Makes Us Want to Weep

There's really nothing sweeter than when humans bring home a new baby and the dog claims the child as their own. This most definitely seems to be the case with one Golden Retriever, who can't bear to be too far from his little one. A video that was shared on TikTok by @makingmacbaby yesterday already has 1.9 million views. It shows the family's Golden lovingly cuddling up to their newborn on the couch.

The text on the clip reads, "Some of you have asked how our dog, Owen Wilson, responds to our baby crying." (Side note: what a GREAT dog name.) Just wait until you see what happens when the child starts to fuss.

Oh my goodness! The way he put his little head against the baby's head! Have you ever seen anything more pure and precious? Fans of the video were quick to point out what a wonderful babysitter Owen Wilson is. One TikTok user, @You don't know me, said, "He is so good with her. Even knew to give her the paci and everything. I’d hire him as a nanny." HA! Who wouldn't?

Then there was @Tosha Rymer Hutzler, who added, "He’s waited his whole life for this assignment." Indeed, he has. And @emrwatkins noted, "Owen, an empath, sensing the baby is upset."

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This baby's parents are never going to have to worry about her having a loving, loyal protector in the house, that's for sure. Owen Wilson certainly doesn't seem to have any complaints about babysitting, either. We can't wait to see more videos of the two of them playing together as this little one moves on to the next step of the baby phase! 

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