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Golden Retriever Puts a Death Grip on Mom's Arm After Realizing She's at the Vet

Pets who hate going to the vet probably despise us and think we trick them into going. But it really is for their own benefit so that we can keep them happy and healthy. We're only doing what is best for them! Of course, they never look at it that way.  

A Golden Retriever was really upset with her mom in a TikTok video posted by @cassventures. The mom is sitting down at the vet's office and this poor doggo looks terrified. "When you realize the car ride was to the vet," the clip reads. Her hilarious reaction has brought in over 1.5 million views. She's trying her hardest to drag her mom out of the room to go immediately home! 

The dog really did say, "Thanks, but no thanks" to her mom with those sweet puppy dog eyes! Did you notice her looking at the door knob then back at her mom?! So precious! Please open the door for her and take her home! One TikTok user, @Sierra said, "Lol you got retrieved." Sorry mom, this one is calling the shots now, and she is out of there! "Quick, if we leave now, they won't notice," commented @Chris Santos. 

"SO good at communicating!!!😂😂❤️," wrote @Michelle. Seriously, she asked more nicely than most people! We'd leave immediately if she asked us! But even though she was calm and escorted her mom towards the door nicely, she was probably freaking out on the inside. "That is the face of patient and quiet panic," @fan87 said. 

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We're sorry you had to go through this little pup! But again, it is for your own good! @Louise Saruk said, "Awwww. Hope it wasn't too traumatic," to which @cassventures responded, "Next stop, therapy!" We just hope she received all the treats and snuggles after both appointments! 

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