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Golden Retriever's Dramatic Reaction to Sniffing a Pickle Is Going Viral

We seriously can't get enough videos of animals trying out human foods. They always make the funniest faces realizing that they tasted a glimpse of the good life. Other times, their reactions are priceless, as they sit there wondering why we even bother with certain foods. But with either reaction, these types of videos never disappoint! 

One hilarious Golden Retriever named Goose recently reached fame with a TikTok clip of him trying a lemon on his account @golden_goose7. What we thought was a once-in-a-lifetime performance turned out to be anything but. Goose's newest video shows him sampling a pickle this time around. After just one day, the video has over 3 million views and 430.8K likes. Goose prepped for his latest acting performance with a big stretch before diving into the pickle. Do you think this is another Oscar-winning skit for Goose? 

We can't get over how big his reaction is! His whole body jumps in disgust and his scrunched up face really sells the performance. We laughed out loud when he fell over when the pickle touched him. Ha! Come on Goose, seriously?! TikTok user @mikeycurls13 proclaimed Goose at the "Jim Carrey of dogs pt 2," and we couldn't agree more! 

"Goose back at it again 😂," wrote @Mike in which the creator replied, "The drama never ends." A pickle isn't that bad, right?! Well some TikTok users think so! Others are comparing it to when they try new foods. @Samantha Cornell even said, "OMG this is me trying to eat healthy LOL." Ha! Us too!  

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"Golden retriever videos make me so happy. the emotions they go through over a simple thing make the world better," wrote @TheeScrubKing. We second that. These videos always brighten up our day, and we're dying to see what Goose tries next! 

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