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Photo of Golden Retriever Smiling With His New Prosthetic Leg Is Everything

Well? If this photo doesn't hands down win the Internet today, then we honestly don't know what will. A Golden Retriever named Turbo just got fitted for a new prosthetic leg, and the image of him smiling after the fact is about as heartwarming as it gets. 

The picture was shared on Twitter by @PetsatHome, and it's captioned with, "The smile on Turbo's face the day he got his prosthetic fitting." Get ready to feel all the feels. Need all the tissues. Savor all of the gratefulness and appreciation for what a pure moment of joy this is. Meet Turbo...

Can you even? First of all, we've seen plenty of dogs using wheelchairs, but most tripods simply learn to hobble around on three legs. We can't recall ever seeing a dog being fitted for a prosthetic, but if they can be helpful to humans, why not dogs? 

It's no surprise that people are falling in love with the beautiful smile on Turbo's face. @WaltertheGolden said, "Total shenanigans And the tail floof is totally on point." Another Twitter user, @AmberWolfT added, "I see a, 'so... how do I activate the treat dispenser?' look in there, too..." LOL. Indeed, he does look like he's up to something, doesn't he? And plenty of other well-wishers chimed in to comment on just how beautiful Turbo's smile is and how happy they are that he's starting this new chapter of his life.

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We hope it doesn't take too long for him to get used to his brand new leg. Hopefully, there are plenty of long walks, trips to the dog park, and games of fetch in this sweet boy's future!

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