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Dog's Annoyed Reaction to Puppy Trying to Chew Her Toy Is Perfectly Human-Like

Have you ever gotten annoyed with your little sibling? They tend to not understand boundaries or get away with everything. And if you're the older one, you just have to bite your lip or you'll get in trouble. So, how do you teach a little one to respect your space? Just ask this Golden Retriever!  

In her first TikTok video, user @aliciamoore13 has reached viral levels with an hilariously adorable clip of her two dogs. The video has about 2.9 million views and 373.9K likes. The puppy is chewing on a toy that the older dog is holding in his paws. You can see how he's getting annoyed with his scrunched up snoot, teeth showing, and hushed growls. Watch to see if the little one got the hint!  

We love how this little pup didn't even realize anything was wrong. It took a few seconds until he made the connection and then he was like UHOH! Ha! "Puppy was like, 'Oh snap wait I’m so sorry you want me to stop??' And big dog was like, 'Yes fanks,'” commented @renaenae44. At least the big dog wasn't too aggressive. He is only a puppy for crying out loud! @NurseMama23 wrote, "Lol! What a good dog. Even checked in to make sure the feelings weren't hurt." He did, and it was so cute. 

Sounds like many TikTok users know that feeling of having to keep someone out of your bubble, especially parents! "How everyone without kids feels when a child is in their space 😂😂," said @emmahollet. "Every mother when they can’t just eat their snacks in peace 😅," added @DelRae Grutel-Vas300. Or maybe this even happens to you with a significant other. "This is me sharing an appetizer at a restaurant with my husband😂 Ha! You don't want to share but you have to!" said @Tracivega. 

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