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Golden Retriever Reacts to Trying a 'McFlurry' in the Most Fitting Way

Dogs are always pretty thrilled when they get to have a taste of human food, especially if it's in the form of a sweet treat. In a new TikTok video shared by @luke_page_, we're treated to seeing a Golden Retriever having his very first taste of a McDonald's McFlurry, and let's just say he seems to be enjoying it to the fullest.

The clip has over a half a million views so far, and people are truly getting a kick out of this pup and expect it to go viral. It's not so much him eating the McFlurry as it is what he does after getting those first few licks. The text on the video reads, "Dog transforms into a bear when he tastes a McFlurry for the first time."

Wow! He couldn't get enough of the pure deliciousness, could he? Not that anyone can blame him. McFlurries are pretty darn tough to resist. One commenter, @luke.qy noted, "Dog forgot he was meant to be a dog for a sec." And @Pat, who knows the video creator clued us all in to the pup's name, saying, "Sunny’s TikTok Famous!!" Sunny's owner replied with, "It was only a matter of time until people found out about him."

Another TikTok user, @RonSwon, suggested adding some music to the footage, saying, "Now add the Jurassic Park theme." And @Jason added, "McFlurry gives you wings👨‍🦯. I expect McDonalds to be in contact with you for an ad and a whole lot of ice cream." 

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Aww. We're pretty sure Sunny wouldn't say no to that! He's clearly a very good boy who deserves all the special treats! 

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