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Golden Retriever's Clever Bathtub Game With His Toys Is Too Cute to Resist

Forget about relaxing during bath time with this Golden Retriever in the house. And if you do want some R&R, think about locking the door, or else he'll never leave! But we can't blame this owner for allowing this good boy in the bathroom. He's too cute to turn away! All he asks for is some playtime with the water! 

This adorable fluffy boy was featured on Good Morning America and the morning show's TikTok, @gma. Within the last day, the clip has gained over 2.8 million views and 483.4K likes. You can see in the video that the dog figured out the tub has a perfect ramp to watch his toys slide down into the water. And every time he pushes a toy into the tub, he has the biggest smile on his face! His mom said in the video that he looks at it with such pride. Check out all the different toys he tries sending down the ramp. 

We can watch this on loop all day long! You can really see that he is so proud of himself, and he even tries to bring out different toys like a stuffed dragon. Ha! Not really the rolling down the ramp type, but he still enjoyed it and so did we! @Dan said, “'Aww it didn’t roll' that’s ok 🙂." He was still so proud of himself! 

@Petra commented, "I love his proud smile!" And we love how he was excited every single time even though he knows the outcome! The official TikTok account of @Chewy even noted his smile saying, "His smile is everything." "So proud of himself, as he should be," added @Chris.

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"Omg so fluffen cute," wrote @hayleybourke171. Who needs alone time for R&R? And forget about watching Netflix while in the bath. This is a better show anyway! 

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