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Golden Retriever Obsessed With Brother's Tummy Noises Is As Sweet As It Gets

Whenever you're feeling sick, it's always comforting to have someone to look after you, and that applies to animals as well! And there's really nothing more uplifting than two adorable puppies who are looking out for each other. This new TikTok video is sure to make your heart melt!  

A recent clip posted by @alisoncasserschubert, which has nearly 300K views, shows two Golden Retriever puppies laying on the floor. One little pup is on his side while the other one is on top of him, curiously listening to some rumbling going on in his stomach. The confused puppy keeps looking at his brother's tummy as if there is a monster in there! He adorably pats around and puts his ear against his brother's stomach. Talk about ultimate cuteness! 

Aww! You can see how concerned this little pup was with his brother! "😂😂 I love seeing the gears turning. They're so smart," said @savannahbullock81. He really was looking all around and checking every inch to get to the bottom of the noises! @pamtastica added, "The little one is gonna be a doctor when he grows up. He cares🐶😘❤️" We believe that! He did a very thorough checkup! 

@Jeri Aronowitz said, "This is the funniest and cutest thing I have seen. Made my day! 😂," and @MrsGoodBoyPants added, "This is insanely adorable. My goodness 🐾 ." We want to hire this pup as our doctor! 

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"U should just cancel your cable until they are grown because we all know this is far more entertaining!😂 So cute," wrote @rachelferrick675. If you do, we'll buy a subscription and binge watch these cuties all day! 

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