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Halle Berry's New 'Puppy Bowl' Ad Will Make You Want to Adopt a Kitten

Isn't it great when celebrities use their status to help the greater good? That's exactly what actress Halle Berry is doing in a new ad for Caesars Sportsbook and Best Friends Animal Society that is set to air during this weekend's upcoming Puppy Bowl XVIII.

In the commercial, Halle is dressed like Cleopatra, and she's surrounded by a large group of kittens who are all available for adoption from Best Friends Animal Society. The goal of the ad is to raise awareness of just how many kittens wind up in shelters and to encourage people to foster them until they can find their forever homes. If watching her play with these sweet babies doesn't make you want to foster or adopt a kitten yourself, nothing will. 

In a statement obtained by PEOPLE, Halle reportedly said, "It was special working with kittens, and I'm so glad that we could support such a good cause while making a fun spot with Caesars."

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The cats in this ad only make up a fraction of the group of both dogs and cats that are up for adoption and are participating in the Puppy Bowl or in the halftime show.

It airs this Sunday, February 13th at 2:00pm ET, and the hope is that it will inspire people to provide a loving home to a local shelter pet. Puppy Bowls of years past have resulted in a spike in adoption rates for the shelters and rescues involved, so hopefully, the same will be true this year.

Halle is one lucky lady to have had the chance to get up close and personal with these adorable kitties. Thanks to her and others helping spread the word, these precious animals will wind up having their own stroke of luck with finding families who will love and cherish them.

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