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Halsey Announces the Sudden Death of Her Dog Jagger in Gut-Wrenching Instagram Post

As anyone who has ever lost a pet will tell you, there really are no words to describe the heartache when they cross the Rainbow Bridge. Sadly, singer Halsey is experiencing this intense grief, as she just announced the sudden passing of her beloved dog, Jagger, on Instagram.

She shared the news yesterday and started the post off with, "This has been the worst week of my life. Before I had a dog of my own, I would hear people mourn their pets and think, 'it’s just a dog…', well I couldn’t have been more wrong." As you'll see, she goes on to explain exactly what happened to 5-year-old Jagger.

This is just so tough to read, and it's impossible not to feel intense heartache and sympathy for her right now. Losing a pet is difficult no matter what the circumstances are, but to have it happen to suddenly, and to such a young dog? There really are no words. Condolences are pouring in from Halsey's followers, as everyone feels absolutely terrible for her.

She actually made a second post in the comments to express her grief, saying:

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"I wrote this in a very emotional place and I guess what I meant to say was: I have always loved animals. But I didn’t understand how deep that love could run until it was taught to me by such a perfect and innocent creature. I knew pet loss should be mourned but I never realized it could hurt as bad as a losing a person. In my search for answers, I came across a study that says research shows losing a pet is comparable in every way to losing a person. Our brains don’t know the difference, they just feel the loss. I know that this post may seem trivial considering the suffering so many humans endure on a daily basis, but I was just looking for somewhere to put my grief cause it’s way too big to hold right now. Thank you to everyone who shared a story or loving comment. I usually hate the internet but today it really made me feel better and I’m sending out all the virtual hugs ❤️."

In a video she shared back in 2020, it's easy to tell what a lovable, sweet pup Jagger was.

And then there's this photo of Halsey with him, where the two of them just look so happy together.

We're sending deepest sympathy to her and hoping she can find comfort and peace in the memories she shared with Jagger during his short time on this earth. 

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