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Hilary Duff Announces the Passing of Her Beloved Little Dog on Instagram

No matter how prepared you are for it, it's just so absolutely heartbreaking when a pet passes on. Hilary Duff knows that all too well, as she just announced the passing of her beloved Yorkie, Jak, on Instagram. She shared a series of photos of the little dog, along with the sweetest caption.

It reads, "Rest easy my sweet Jak… a true fine wine ….We won’t miss you peeing all over the house or barking all night…but I was so lucky to get almost two decades with you!! You watched me bring all my babies home. You, Lola, and Dubie taught me so much responsibility before having these human babies and you sure gave me a lot of comfort and love when I needed it the most! Night night angel ♥️🌕✨I know it’s endless 🦴🦴s up there for you! Say Hi to the OG pack. Love you guys."

Ugh. We can't even imagine how tough this must be for her, especially given that Jak was part of her family before her children even arrived. Plenty of people left comments for Hilary expressing their condolences. Everyone feels just terrible for her, and people are sending love, sympathy, and wishes for peace. 

We're also sending our own healing vibes to Hilary and her family. Jak might no longer be with them, but we're sure he knew just how loved he was and will be watching over the family from across the Rainbow Bridge.

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