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Horse Reacts to Seeing His Reflection for the First Time and It's Too Precious

There is nothing better than watching a baby see themselves in the mirror for the first time. Their eyes widen with confusion as they stare at a look-a-like mimicking their every move. And the same goes for animals! It must be quite the rollercoaster of emotions. Have your pets ever confused themselves when looking at a mirror for the first time?  

A horse named Danny is no exception after experiencing the shocking realization of a mirror. TikTok user @killytilly01 shared a video of Danny seeing himself for the first time, and we're obsessed! He pauses for a second with a little huff, wondering where the second horse came from, but as he steps closer, he realizes it's him! This adorable clip has nearly 1 million views in a day.  

We love how he sniffs around to make sure there isn't another horse. Plus, you can see him admiring his beautiful features! User @Em dempy commented, "At first, he’s like “Come at me bro,” and then he’s like, “damn, I’m fiiiine” 😏 ." We wish we had Danny's confidence! "He’s like, “who’s this stud?”, @Julia Sanchez added.

"Omg .... this is me realizing animals don't normally know what they look like ...," us too, @Courtney A. Barriga! Do you think other animals can make the connection that it's themselves looking back in the mirror? @DrawkwaNoir said, "What a handsome boy. This is the best thing ever. 😁." This clip truly is incredible and we need more of Danny! 

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P.S. You might be wondering why this precious horse's sides are shaved. Creator @killytilly01 said that about a month ago, they were shaved from a medical emergency, but he has made a full recovery! (And now he can't get enough of his gorgeous self in the mirror.)

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