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Horse's 'Cool' Parenting Hack With New Baby Proves She's No First-Time Mom

As any mom of more than one child will tell you, things get easier with each kid. Once you've been around the block with the first one, you figure out what works and what doesn't. And one clever horse just proved that she's a very seasoned mom by implementing a funny, genius parenting hack with her new foal.

The video of the horse, aptly named "Cool," was shared on TikTok by @katievanslyke, and with 1.8 million views and counting, human moms might want to take a play out of her book. Check out what this hip mama does to make sure she can get a good meal in.

Haha! Using a baby as a plate?! Why didn't we think of that? This video really does go to show that moms of all species somehow manage to find their own way. Not surprisingly, people are getting such a kick out of her funny multitasking skills. @Amanda Norman said, "Work smarter, not harder." Ha! So true. Another commenter, @Isabella Rivera joked, "So this is totally acceptable for humans too right?! Lol." And @Itsmejuliaaaa added, "That is actually not a bad idea 🤔😂."

You have to admit that it is pretty smart that she found a way to eat and keep baby safe all at the same time. And for TikTok users who were dying to know the new foal's name, the video creator delivered! Baby boy is named, wait for it, Waylon! Yep, just like Waylon Jennings. Aww. Too cute.

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Let's keep our fingers crossed that we get to see some more parenting "tips" from this mama in the future. She certainly knows what she's doing!

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