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Hungry Kitty Steals a Humongous Chicken Leg and Refuses to Let Go in Viral Video

We've all been food obsessed and crazed from time to time. And if you say you haven't, you're lying! You may get angry or upset when someone tries stealing a french fry off your plate. Or you have leftovers calling your name in the fridge but someone in the household gets to it first. 

TikTok user @antoandre10's cat is no different in protecting his food. In a clip that has over 2.3 million views, the cat is seen holding on for dear life to a giant chicken leg. First of all, how is the cat even holding onto that thing?! It's bigger than he is. And second of all, how did he even get to it?! Clearly, he's playing finders keepers.

Aww! That cat is holding on so tightly. They're never going to get the chicken leg back! Ha! Also, please tell us you saw his paws covered in the BBQ sauce. "The sauce on the paws 😭😭," said @Toby. Seriously, talk about some dedication to getting food! 

"That cat hunted that chicken fair & square😂," added @lindseyleeigh. "Cat is like 'I hunted it. I'm eating it. Now leave me alone, I shan't be tipping.'", @Snow Lovelace said. They're right. He did go the extra mile to find the biggest piece, so it's only fair for him to keep it. 

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The best part is his little meows. It's almost as if he's saying, "Please let me have it. I'm so hungry!" But we know that's not true! Cats just love pretending like they didn't get something. @xhhxx said, "Cats act like they've NEVER been fed in their entire life." Anyone else have a cat that's done that?

TikTok user @charlie has had similar experience with his cat. He said, "My cat does that too. He's obsessed with chicken legs and he steals them from our plates or climbs the trash for them 😂🤦‍♀️ ." Ha! Sounds like they need to make a kitty lock for trash cans or the refrigerator. They definitely have a little thief on their hands!

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