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Husky Catches Mom 'Cheating' on Him With Another Dog and He Isn't Having It

Have you ever had your dog sniff you like crazy when you come home after being in the presence of another dog? The minute you walk through the door, it's like they immediately know that you've forsaken them for some other animal who isn't even yours. Well, one very smart Husky is so attentive, he caught his mom red-handed "cheating" on him with another pup, and he wasn't having it.

The video of the dog was shared on TikTok by @djvicki88, and with 1.9 million views, it's clear that this pup's reaction to catching his mom in the act has people laughing out loud. In the clip, you'll hear and see her petting her mother's dog, Ginger. Just wait for it and watch what the Husky does. 

How hilarious was it when he opened that door?! He was like, "MA! What do you think you're doing with Ginger? I just caught you red handed!"

One commenter, @Yvette Foley had the perfect way to caption the dog's thoughts, saying, "Oh no! That dog isn’t paying rent and doesn’t get to be pet. I pay my rent here 😂." Another TikTok user, Nae, added her own version: "He said “I know daaaamn well you not in here with another dog!" Then there was @bevirvin0, who noted, "Old western gunslinger entering the saloon🤠😂🥰." (HA! So true.) @Brittany could relate completely to the dog's actions and added, "I knew it was gonna be a Husky 🤣, mine does that too when we visit my dad 🤣."

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Even though she might have gotten caught in the act, something tells us that this pup promptly got just as many pets as Ginger, if not more. Who could possibly resist a boy who loves his mama that much?

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