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Husky's Jealous Reaction to Another Dog at the Park Is Going Viral

How's that old saying go? Dogs just want to have fun? Well, in this case, a Siberian Husky named Archer is all about enjoying some good old-fashioned playtime in the park, but his dad apparently had other plans. While the two of them were out on a walk, Archer spotted another dog who happened to be off-leash, and he didn't hesitate to show his dad how displeased he was at not being able to do the same thing.

The video of Archer getting all bent out of shape was shared to his TikTok account, @siberianderpskies, and it's starting to go viral, with 2.4 million views. Wait until you get a load of this jealous boy.

Ha! There's no way he was about to budge unless Dad let him off that leash! The best part was when Archer just kept staring at the dog in the park and ignoring his dad, even when treats were offered. He was all, "Please. I'm no amateur, sir. You're gonna have to do better than treats!"

Commenters are pretty impressed with the dog's stubborn attitude. @Marianysa83 said, "I love how you are pouring your unconditional love to him and he could care less because he wants to be off leash! 😂😂😂😂." Then there was a TikTok user named @Lindsay, who added, "This is exactly why I love Huskies so much... for other people to own and show me videos of the tantrums."

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But apparently Archer's dad can't always stick to his guns when the pup protests, as is evident in another video he shared, where Archer wanted to walk in a different direction than him.

We really can't blame the guy for finally giving in, given how irresistible Archer is. Fingers crossed that he shares plenty more of this lovable pup's doggie tantrums with the world as time goes on!

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