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Husky's Kind Gesture Toward Mom While Meeting New Baby Sister Is Going Viral

Have you ever tried introducing your dog to a new child? After being the only kid in the family, sometimes a dog can become jealous when someone new steps in. But there are occasions when dogs welcome in their new siblings with open paws! 

This was the case for first time parents and TikTok user @blosstaylor. The couple came home with their baby from the hospital and allowed their dogs to met her. Their Husky comes running over to say hello and sniff out the situation. The dog's reaction has our hearts melting! The shared video now has over 6.1 million views and 612.2K likes. Check out what this dog thinks of the new child, and watch how she interacts with mom. 

Have you ever seen a Husky get so excited but also so gentle?! "She's like, 'Aww, thanks, lol, you brought me this,'" commented @Aly. And the Husky was so proud of the mom! You can see the dog looking up at the mom trying to say, "You did awesome!" with kisses. What a beautiful, tender, sweet gesture.

We also couldn't help but laugh at some of the comments from TikTok on how this Husky is probably confused at the baby's crying. "Husky: 'Mom what is that thing? it made noises! I didn't do anything, I swear,'" wrote @justjen0616.  @Broly Rucci added, "Husky's like, no way something's more dramatic than me." Ha! Huskies are known for their overdramatic tendencies. Hopefully, the baby won't pick up these habits! @Chunky Upholsterer said, "He likes that baby. Already knows how to wail and needs no Husky lessons."

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And no, the couple didn't forget about the other dog in the back! The creator added in the comments, "I PROMISE our Lab met her, too! We just did them one at a time so they weren’t all crazy! I don’t have a video of that meeting, but I have pics❤️." One thing's for sure, this baby girl has no shortage of loving, loyal protectors in her household! 

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