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Husky Dramatically Complains Because Mom Won't Get Him His Own Cheeseburger

Huskies just love to throw tantrums when things don't go their way, which is exactly what happened with one hungry pup named Floki who really wanted his own cheeseburger. When his mom didn't get him one while placing her lunch order, Floki quickly and loudly made it known that he was extremely disappointed and proceeded to try and convince her to give in.

Floki's mom uploaded the video of his complaining session to her TikTok account, @jmccarthy28, and with 3.3 million views, it seems that plenty of people can identify with the dog's grievances. Listen to him wail and try to resist laughing out loud.

I mean, can you blame him for getting all bent out of shape? Nothing quite beats a cheeseburger, and nobody likes to see someone else enjoy one right in front of them! 

Everyone is getting such a kick out of his little protest, and people think that mom should just give in and give him a burger, already! @Tim said, "That pain came from deep down, get that pup a burger 🥰." Other commenters love how Floki really put all of his effort into his performance. @Amy Johnson said, "Wait, she ain’t hearing me…. Lemme fling my head back really far!!" And @Haydee Crimi added, "And the Oscar goes to??? Lmao 🤣 He’s so cute, God bless him 🥰."

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But it was @Retired Nurse's comment that absolutely takes the cake: "I used to think I wanted a Husky for my next dog. After watching TikTok, I realized if I wanted that much backtalk, I’d get married. 😂." LMAO!

Oh, Floki. We sure hope that mom followed through on her promise and at least let you have her leftovers. A few bites of a burger are better than no bites at all!

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