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Husky's Intense Reaction to Seeing a Dog Jumping on a Trampoline Has People in Stitches

We could watch videos of dogs reacting to TV all day long, but especially one expressive Husky that stole our hearts before. A dog named Penelopii,, is an avid TV watcher. She watches everything from wildlife shows to ET and commercials. Her hilarious reactions have brought in over 101K followers, and she always puts a smile on our face! 

Penelopii's latest viral video shows her laying on the couch watching a trampoline commercial. The video has racked up over 6.7 million views and 1.6 likes. The dog's mom pans back and forth between the commercial and Penelopii's reaction. Her eyes are popping out of her head, not wanting to miss a beat! Her mouth keeps opening in disbelief of the contraption! 

OMG! We can't get over how expressive she is! "You can see his new little dream dawn in his eyes," said @Summer. She looked at mom immediately as this would be the best thing in the world.

@Sandra commented, "She totally just said, 'Mommy I NEED THAT!!!' We all heard it!" She asked nicely, too. So seriously mom, you'd better order a trampoline for this sweet girl! 

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"I've never seen anyone ask for an Amazon login faster in my life 😂," joked @Deanna Lucas Varner, and @notyoursweetie added, "Ok but WHEN DOES IT ARRIVE because you ORDERED ONE, RIGHT?!!" Others are commenting saying Penelopii needs to start a GoFundMe because everyone would 100% contribute to her getting the trampoline of her dreams! Luckily, there is one coming soon! 

In a recent video, Penelopii is seen testing out a friend's trampoline to make sure she likes it. The video reads, "I DO love TRAMPOLEENS! Can't wait till Friday." We better receive an update on her own trampoline immediately!

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