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Husky's Intense Focus on Wildlife TV Show Is Too Cute to Resist

There are so many cute videos out there of dogs watching TV, but a new one of a Husky who's intently focused on a wildlife show just might be a new favorite! The clip was shared by, and it's so adorable, it already has nearly 800,000 views. 

The program on the TV is actually about the national parks in the United States, and the scene playing on the screen shows bears fishing for salmon in the river. Take a look at just how mesmerized this pup is by the bears' feeding session. It's almost as if she's taking notes so that she'll know what to do if she ever finds herself in the same situation.

Those eyes! The best part is when she stuck her tongue out after the bear finally caught a fish, like she wanted a bite of salmon, or something. TikTok users who watched the video couldn't resist commenting on just how focused the pup was while watching the show. One commenter, @jhusband5 said, "I feel like she added this to her bucket list 😂🥰." And @Serene5603 added, "Astonished that there's free food out there!! 👀."

@Sandra Mckerchie Bak pointed out just how quiet she's being for a Husky, saying, "The first video I’ve seen on TikTok where a husky wasn’t voicing their opinion 😂." (So true!)

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Then there's @Michellephino, who thinks this pup deserves her very own vacation: "You guys gotta do an RV trip to the national parks. Full circle moment for encouraging your kids' interests." There's no doubt this fur kid would love that!

This pup's mom should seriously just leave that channel on repeat from here on out. Obviously, this is one dog who is a huge fan of educational programming!

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