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Jealous Cat's Reaction to Feline Brother Getting Extra Attention After Surgery Is Just Perfect

LOL. In case you weren't aware, the world is run by our animals, and we're simply living in it. Seriously, cats and dogs love to be the center of our universe, and when all the attention isn't on them, sometimes, they can get a little feisty! One family knows this all too well, as their cat, Steve, got particularly jealous after a family member came home from dental surgery. 

A video of the cat was shared on TikTok by @kristiinawilson, and with well over a half a million views in the last 12 hours, plenty of people are cracking up over this cat. In the clip, you'll learn that the family's other cat, Kevin, has just returned home from having surgery. And apparently Steve was none-too-pleased that all of the attention was falling on Kevin. Just watch what he does to try and turn the focus back to himself.

LMAO! Steve! Steve! Steve! We can't help but wonder how many times he wound up hitting that button! So many TikTok users are getting a kick out of this funny cat. @Robyn joked, "He’s the main character here." Another commenter, @jessicaeb3 pointed out, "Steve was clearly wasting away without your undivided attention 😅." (Duh. Obviously.) And @Laulau added, "From now on, when I don't get enough attention, I will just yell my name until someone comes 😂."

For those of you who were wondering, Kevin's owners let everyone know in the comments that he's recovering well from his surgery. We're sure Steve is happy he's on the mend too, so he can finally cool it with his attention-hogging ways! But odds are good his owners more than made up for temporarily not falling all over him.

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