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Jennifer Aniston's Dogs Steal the Show in Home Workout Video

It's well known that Jennifer Aniston is an animal lover, and she's just as famous for being passionate about dogs as she is for her impressive acting career. This week, two of her pups, Lord Chesterfield and Clyde, wound up taking over her home workout, and Jen shared a video of what went down during her sweat sesh on Instagram.

In the clip, you'll see her dogs wanting to be a part of the action while she's doing ab exercises and some squats with a kettlebell. According to PEOPLE, the cartoon-ish voice heard in the video is courtesy of TikTok star Lorena Pages. If you happen to have a pet who won't leave you alone during workouts, you'll totally relate to this!

Aww. How sweet are they? Those adorable pups just want to be near mom, regardless of the fact that she's trying to keep up with her exercise routine -- not participate in doggie playtime.

Aniston's Instagram followers are loving every second of the video and didn't hesitate to let her know in the comments. A few of them are such huge fans of Aniston that their Instagram handles include her name. One fan, @naturallyaniston identified with the clip and said, "I love!!! So relatable! My cat does “yoga” with me, he stretches on the floor next to me and gets in my way! He thinks he is part of it!😂." And @jenaniston world added, "Omg, this video is perfect 😍😍😍."

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One commenter, @nyc.magalhaes, wanted to know why only two of Jen's three dogs made an appearance in the video, asking, "Jen, where is Sophie?" Sophie is a pit bull, but she must have been somewhere else in the house relaxing when the footage was taken. Perhaps she'll join in with the rest of the group the next time Jen pulls out the yoga mat? Fingers crossed.

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