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Kate Beckinsale's Personal Puppy Party Is Every Dog Lover's Dream

Being a celebrity comes with its fair share of perks, and if you're Kate Beckinsale, apparently that means getting to be part of your very own puppy party. While some of us were tuning in for the Puppy Bowl yesterday, Kate spent her day surrounded by puppies, and the cuteness is almost too much to take.

She shared photos and videos to Instagram of herself sitting on the floor in a penned-off area with at least 7 or 8 puppies. (They move so fast in the videos, it's tough to count them!) Some of the tiny dogs ran and played around her, and she was lucky enough to get to cuddle a few of them, too. Captioned simply with, "Happy Sunday 💕," get ready to be totally envious of Kate after seeing her post.

This puppy party of hers gives new meaning to the phrase, "Livin' the dream!" Seriously, what would you give to trade places with her? I mean...

Plenty of people left comments letting Kate know just how fortunate they think she is. One commenter, @shots_by_rio, said, "Oh goodness, look at all of those cute puppies 😍. I envy you sometimes, Kate! What a great way to spend the weekend 🥺." And @blondepanther added, "You're living my dream." Even @parishilton left a comment with a heart-eyes emoji.

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While we don't know the circumstances behind how Kate got to be a part of something so special, she is a huge animal lover, so obviously she was able to pull a few strings. She regularly shares images of her own pets, like this adorable video of her cat from Christmas.

And how cute is this gem of her with all of her fur babies?

Of course, now we want to know if Kate wound up keeping any of the puppies from her little gathering. It would've been hard for anyone to say goodbye to all of them!

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