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People Are Falling in Love With This Cat That Looks Like a Cow

Thanks to TikTok, so many animals are getting the attention and recognition they deserve, and one feline, @keith_the_cat_cow is no exception! People are totally falling in love with this little cat that really does look like a cow -- right down to his black and white spots, oval shape, and a cow-like strut. Keith belongs to Sara Matthews, and his TikTok bio clearly states that the poor cat has a medical condition, so don't jump to any conclusions about him being overweight! 

He does, however, love mealtime, as his mom showed off in a recent video. Just watch this adorable not-so-little guy come running for food when he hears the snack bag open. This clip has over 4 million views, and it couldn't be any cuter. 

Bless his little heart! Let's be honest -- we all feel the same way about our favorite snacks, too. (We're feeling you, Keith.) There are so many great reactions to this video. @Yvonne Hamilton845 noted, "I thought he was carrying a mouse but quickly realized he was dressed up for his meal." Then, there was @Sheyenne Nelson, who threw in a reference to The Office: "If Kevin Malone was a cat." And @Tonya Anne said, "Omg, I’m in love ❤️."

But it's @Rassvet's comment that takes the cake: "Why do I feel like Chris Farley got reincarnated and this is him. 😂" (Can you even?!)

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Get a load of this clip, where Keith is getting his loaf pose on, as his mom has affectionately deemed, "Oreo loaf."

This guy no doubt has plenty of people who would love to snuggle him, but apparently he's not a big fan of cat hugs!

Dude just wants to be left alone, apparently. Hmm. Maybe the other cat should try offering some snacks in exchange for hugs? Just a suggestion.

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