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Kevin Bacon's Goat Song for 'GOAT' Tom Brady Is a Classic

If you happen to follow Kevin Bacon on Instagram, then you'll know that he not only has a bunch of farm animals, but he periodically posts "goat songs" where he sings surrounded by his goats. And over the weekend, he shared a newly-penned song with his followers, and this latest tune is a tribute to the "GOAT" Tom Brady, who we all know just announced his retirement from the NFL.

In the video, Kevin is singing the song and playing along on a ukulele while the goats (and a guest star pig) enjoy the music in the barn. Kevin captioned the song with "Calling this a #GOATGoatSong..for a Tom @tombrady by a Tom @realsirtomjones. #GoatSongs 🏈🐐 Happy Sunday." The song, which is sung to the tune of "She's a Lady," couldn't be more fitting.

"Still looks good in football pants and is mostly eating plants when he has dinner..." LOL! Could his songwriting skills be more on point? Amazing. And how classic was it when the camera panned to the pig when he sang, "I will never have those lats, I'm just a Bacon..."?

So far, the clip has over 127,000 views and counting, and fans are absolutely delighted with it. Even the one and only James Taylor left a comment with a smiley-face emoji, for crying out loud, which isn't a huge surprise, given that he's a Massachusetts native.

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While Brady's retirement was inevitable and certainly wasn't a shock, there are plenty of Buccaneers and Patriots fans who are bummed out that they won't have the chance to see him play one more season. Based on an Instagram post he shared after the news of his retirement was announced, it's pretty clear that Tom will miss the game just as much as everyone who loved watching him play.

But now that he'll have so much more free time on his hands, maybe he should think about paying a visit to the Bacon farm? There's no doubt that fans would flip for a Bacon-Brady goat song duet.

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