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Video of Tiny Kitten's Incredibly Long Meow Is Going Viral

There really isn't anything much cuter than kitten meows, especially when kittens start to come out of their shells and develop their own personalities. And one tiny kitty on TikTok apparently might have a future in the music business, given just how long her little meow is.

The video of the cat was shared by @andyli125, and it's quickly going viral and currently has 4.3 million views. Captioned with, "Wow, should definitely be a singer," it really does sound like this kitten is trying to sing a song, when in reality, she just has a really long, extended meow. Check it out.

Oh my goodness! How does that sweet little thing have enough breath to get out that longggggg meow? It's just too cute. Viewers of the video are loving this little superstar and have been leaving plenty of comments. @Vbapah said, "That’s a lot of big words coming out of a very small floof 😂." And @NPVP added, "The longest meow I've ever heard 😂."

@Marabella Blue's cat joined in on the action: "OMG I played this for my cat, she looked at the phone and then to me, and said, Meow meow 😂." @Melissa V. Besetti thought the kitty had a clear message for her owner, noting, "She’s saying: clean you room! It’s a mess!! 😅." 

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The look on her little face was priceless too, what with her baring her pointy teeth and all. It really does seem like she was trying to say something to her dad, though we'll never know what, exactly, was on her mind! Maybe she was just happy to see him?

She might be young, but this gal clearly already has a big personality, and she isn't afraid to show it! The guy who owns her had better get used to hearing symphony after symphony from here out out.

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