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Kristen Bell Tries to Decide Which of Her Dogs Is Her Favorite in Viral Video

Kristen Bell is one very funny lady, even when she's starring in more semi-sort-of-suspenseful shows, like The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window. (Check it out if you haven't seen it yet.) But one thing this lovely lady is serious about is her love for her animals. As part of a recent TikTok video, Kristen was challenged to name which one of her dogs is her favorite.

The clip was posted by @delish last month, and with 8.4 million views, Kristen's fans are certainly getting a kick out of her going back and forth over which one of her pups is at the top of her list. 

LOL. She's forever the comedian. "I have a favorite kid." Of course, she does. (Doesn't everyone?) And while it might be impossible for Kristen to choose which one of her dogs is her favorite, fans didn't hesitate to mention just how much they loved hearing her talk about her pups. 

The fact that she rescues seniors certainly stood out. @Julia Steve said, "I love that she loves senior dogs. She probably spoils them and they deserve it." Kristen has a huge fan in @Ferdynand Anthony, who noted, "So not just super talented, beautiful, funny, great actress, awesome singer, good sense of humor, but she also has kind heart."

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But it's her little foster fail, Barb, that really has everyone buzzing. One commenter said in all caps, "WHY DID SHE CALL BARB DELICIOUS IM CRYING." Another all-caps-user, @Alexandra added, "BARB IS NOT A DOG NAME AND I LOVE IT."

Seriously though, how precious is Barb? It's not surprising that she wound up being a foster fail! But what if she hadn't? @Jackson Carter joked, "I would feel so bad adopting a dog fostered by Kristen Bell. It would be a serious step down 😂." Yes, yes, it would. 

Kristen is very private when it comes to her home life, but she did share these awesome snaps of herself and her pups on Instagram.

Could they possibly be any sweeter? We think not. They're all our favorites, too.

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