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Video of Unique Type of Dalmatian Has People Doing a Double Take

We've seen rare cross-breeds of dogs, like the Husky-Corgi mix, for instance. But have you ever seen a Dalmatian that looks more like a black and white Golden Retriever? We hadn't either, that is, until we came across the TikTok account of @carolinestelte. People are so taken back by the pup that they're even leaving her comments telling her that the dog is not a Dalmatian at all. 

Spoiler alert: apparently she's actually just a rare type of the breed that happens to have long hair instead of short. Check out how beautiful this sweet gal is! 

Nobody can get over just how gorgeous the pup is. One commenter, @becpie said, "I love long-haired Dalmatians! My puppy’s litter was half long-haired!" Another commenter, @Lauren Aich understood what this dog owner goes through with people asking questions, saying, "Lol I relate. or people constantly tell me she a fault, pet only. It never ends 😂 your pup is beautiful!" And @emmaefranklin joked, "As a Dal owner (i have seven) i can attest that Dalmatians are actually extinct and we down polka-dotted Labs and polka-dotted Golden Retrievers 😝."

Here's yet another video of this gorgeous, unique pup in all her glory.

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What a beauty! We're so glad her mom doesn't hesitate to share her with us in her videos. Keep 'em coming! 

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