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Little Maltipoo Pup and Her Bunny Best Friend Are Too Cute for Words

When two animals of different species love each other and want to hang out all the time, it's pretty impossible to resist. And that's totally the case with a little Maltipoo and her bunny best friend, who are quickly capturing the hearts of people on TikTok. A new clip of Birdie (the dog) and Bruce (the bunny) was shared by Bruce's mom, @sophiadanna1, and with 1.3 million views, it's clear that exactly nobody can get enough of the two of them. 

The pup in the clip actually belongs to the creator's mom, and from the looks of it, they never want to leave each other's side when they're together. Prepare for maximum cuteness. At first, it's kind of tough to tell that Bruce is a bunny and not another pup.

How precious are these two?! People are falling in love with their sweet, pure, adorable friendship. One commenter on the video said, "This looks like the beginning of a children's book about embracing physical differences 🥺." (OMG. It totally does.) And another TikTok user, @Bella Martin exclaimed, "Great, now I gotta get my bunny a puppy 😩." Oh, and for those who are curious about what kind of rabbit Bruce is, his mom let a commenter know that he's an English Angora.

Here's another sweet video of Bruce and Birdie playing and living their best lives.

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Seriously, people. This is the kind of content we're all on TikTok for. But if you want to see a bit more of Bruce, since he is the star of this account, check out this clip of him enjoying a nutritious snack.

Can you even? More bunnies (and puppies), please. We honestly can't get enough.

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