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Dog's Touching Gesture With Her Puppies Shows Human Mom How Much She Trusts Her

As soon as dogs give birth to puppies, their instinct kicks in and they go straight into mother mode, caring for their precious new additions. But one little mama pup apparently decided that the area in which her puppies were being kept just wasn't sufficient, so she decided to go and "hide" them in a more cozy spot -- somewhere she knew they'd be as safe as possible.

The owner of the pups, @victoriawalshawfl, shared a TikTok video in which she enters into her bathroom to do a puppy check, only to find that mama's puppies are nowhere in sight. She winds up finding them in the last place she expected.

Aww! She wanted them to be in the big bed with her mama! People can't get over this touching gesture on the part of the dog. One commenter, @Crystal, noted, "Hi, I’m a vet tech :) Does she regularly sleep with you? She looks a little anxious and might think your bed is safer than the area you set up for her." @TheGhoulieDen added, "Because to her your bed is a safe place. She feels her pups are the safest there. That speaks volumes for the love that she has for you." And @ArticulateMusa said, "That’s so wonderful, she feels safe with her babies in your safe space."

Of course, other TikTok users couldn't resist joking that this pup was dropping off her kids for grandma to babysit, like @Ashley Elizabeth, who said, "Mama needs a break and trusts you to do the babysitting. 🥰"

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After this video was taken, mama did wind up moving her babies back to the shower stall, as is seen in this follow-up clip.

What a proud, happy little mommy, and a very proud grandma, too!

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