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Husky Belts Out His Order in the Chick-fil-A Drive-Thru Line

It doesn't really matter what species you are. When you get a craving for your favorite fast food, the urges just kind of take over. And that must be what happened with one hungry Husky, who couldn't resist belting out his order while in the Chick-fil-A drive-thru line. The video of the pup was shared on his TikTok account, @maverickthesinginghusky, and as of now, it's sitting at over a half a million views and counting.

Apparently, Maverick's mom just wanted to place her order for chicken nuggets, but he beat her straight to the punch. And the best part is, he seems like he knows the drill as far as drive-thrus go. We're guessing this isn't his first rodeo. Check it out.

How funny is this hungry guy? Guess we really can't blame him for trying to get his point across, given that he could probably smell the freshly-cooked waffle fries from a mile away. After all, Chick-fil-A is pretty hard to resist!

People were immediately curious about what the worker in the line thought of the scenario (though we're guessing he got a kick out of it). One commenter, @paulswife07 said, "If I was the worker, I would have given this pup all the nuggets."

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Then there was @Vlance, who thought he was saying, "Chicken tenders, extra ranch dressing.” While plenty of users agreed that Maverick, was, indeed jonesing for chicken nuggets, others thought that he's actually requesting a pup cup, which is likely something he's familiar with at other fast food chains.

We probably won't ever know if Maverick did get the order he was hoping for. But if nothing else, hopefully his mom gave up one or two of her nuggets and rewarded this hilarious boy!

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