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Clever Shih-Tzu Tries to Outsmart Mom to Get Extra Treats

Any parent will tell you that it can be a real battle to get kids to clean up after themselves and put their toys away, no matter how many times you ask them to. But for the dog mom of TikTok pup @misocomehere? She honestly has it better than most parents of humans in terms of having a little helper around the house!

She's trained Miso, a Shih-Tzu to pick up her toys in exchange for treats, and this little dog is so smart, she even takes notice when mom forgets to give her one. If you haven't seen dogs use those fancy buttons that say words to help them express what they want, you'll get a kick out of this video, which has over 800,000 views.

Can't fool her! It was just too funny when she realized mom had forgotten to give her that first treat, and she promptly hit the treat button. Commenter @Alison Paige Cotton said, "1 toy = 1 treat. Deal or no deal, mom!" And @Park added, "She’s like, I don’t work for free, honey."

But the clip got even better when Miso kept trying to outsmart her mom and get treats without getting the toys. She was like, "Maybe if I just hit my button like a good girl, she'll be proud of me and give in!"

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And if you aren't quite convinced that this pampered pooch knows exactly how to push her buttons to get what she wants, check out this clip of her asking mom for help reaching a new toy.

Somebody get this super smart girl ALL the treats, stat! She's so darn cute and irresistible, we think she more than deserves them!

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