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Woman Reunites With Her Lost Cat After 7 Years in Emotional Video

Have you heard about "Ashes," the cat from Maine who turned up in Florida after being missing for 7 years? It's one of those lost pet stories that is almost impossible to believe, especially given the distance between where Ashes escaped and where she was finally found! 

Ashes' owner, Denise Cilley, told WGME more about what happened when the cat when missing. She explained, “She had gotten out and come back inside before, but then she was gone for several days and we had seen a fox and a fisher in our neighborhood, so we feared the worst.” Given how many years had passed, Denise certainly wasn't expecting to ever see her beloved kitty again. But lo and behold, a phone call came last week from Love and Care Animal Hospital in Florida, and they let Denise know Ashes had been found. The emotional reunion between the two was shared in a Twitter video.

There's no doubt that anyone who has heard Ashes' story is so moved by this sweet cat being back with her family where she belongs. While they'll probably never know how Ashes ventured so far away from home, they'll certainly be making up for those 7 lost years with plenty of love, affection, snuggles, and hopefully, treats!

If the reunion itself isn't enough to bring tears to your eyes, then just wait until you hear what happened when Denise and her daughter, Katie, got back to the house. Katie was just a little girl when Ashes went missing, and she's now 17 years old. She explained to WGME, "She cuddled right up... Like she was home again."

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It sounds like this sweet girl knows she's where she came from, and where she was supposed to be all along. We wish Denise, Katie, and Ashes all the best!

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