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Husky Cuddles With Her Brand New Puppy in Video That's Full of Pure Love

The love between a mother and her child knows no boundaries, whether you're a human, dog, cat, or any other species. And after seeing this heartwarming video of a Husky cuddling with her brand new puppy, you just might be moved to tears over this pure example of a mother's joy.

The clip was shared on TikTok by @jasperblues0, and it shows a mama Husky named Vee giving snuggles and affection to her new little puppy, which is only about a week old. You can hear the pup making adorable tiny puppy sounds, and then wait until you see Vee's face. 

Is that a look of pure contentment and love, or what? OMG. We might have to watch this over and over again today. TikTok users are completely taken with how this mama is caring for her new baby. @rainshine2002 said, "Nothing purer than a mom’s love for her baby 😍." Another commenter, @Sabrian Garcia added, "She closed her eyes and cuddled the puppy 😭, and they say dogs don’t have feelings... pffffft! She loves her little baby 🥺." And @AmberDawnSeyler pointed out that the mom's tiredness might have come into play here, noting, "I feel like that snuggle was 50% pure love and 50% pure exhaustion 😅." Ha! That definitely could be the case.

Vee definitely looks worn out in this video, in which you'll hear the other dogs in the house trying to give a little serenade.

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Aww. Mama sure could use a break. But as any new mom will tell you, those precious baby snuggles are more than worth the lack of sleep! 

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