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Nina Dobrev and Her Dog 'Maverick' Are the Sweetest Duo in New Beach Pics

Any fan of actress Nina Dobrev's will tell you that her pup, Maverick, is definitely her sidekick, and quite the little star! I mean, this pampered pooch even has an Instagram account, @mrs.maverick, and her bio reads: "Yes, I’m taken. Married to my momma."

While Nina typically shares most of her pics of Maverick on the @mrs.maverick account, over the weekend, she posted a few new photos from the beach to her personal account, and they honestly couldn't be any sweeter. Look at this sweet tiny dancer! 

While a lot of her followers couldn't get over how fabulous her dress is, plenty of people are captivated by this adorable pup and can't get over what a perfect duo she and Nina are together.

However, from the looks of it, Maverick has also warmed right up to Nina's Olympian boyfriend, Shaun White. Get a load of these two!

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Aww. They say the way to a girl's heart is through loving her dog as much as you adore her, right? (Something like that.) 

But honestly, it looks like Nina just might have some competition. Maverick and Shaun have obviously fallen in love! 

There's also this cute shot from Valentine's day of Nina, Shaun, and Maverick that was taken on the pup's birthday. It's captioned with, "It's my birthday. It's also Valentine's Day. Choose which one you're celebrating wisely."

Duh. Of course, they celebrated the dog. Who wouldn't?

Shaun's Olympic career might have come to an end, but that'll give him even more time to devote to having adventures with Nina and Maverick. I think we can all agree that there's one adventure in particular we can't wait to see! (No pressure, Shaun. 💍)

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