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Dogs' Human-Like Reaction to Meeting New Frenchie Puppy Is Just Perfect

It's only natural for animals to take a little time to warm up to a new four-legged sibling, and sometimes, the first introduction goes better than others. A pair of pups who recently met their new French Bulldog puppy sibling are cracking people up on TikTok, all because of their human-like reaction to the tiny pup.

The video was shared by @lulufrenchie21 in late January, and to date, it has 18.4 million views. The clip is absolutely hilarious, and be sure to watch it all the way to the end. 

LOL! The way they just stood there and stared at him as if to say, "Who in the heck is that, and what in the heck is he doing on our turf?" It was just like a couple of kids meeting a new baby for the first time and not wanting any parts of having a new brother or sister!

Naturally, TikTok users were quick to leave comments with their thoughts about what went down with the two older pups. One user, @sully, immediately noticed them acting like human kids, saying, "They act like actual siblings. Youngest trying to act tough, older one messing with the youngest. The middle just tired of all the BS." LOL! How spot on is that?

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And @Big Dev had a great narration for the video: "He talkin' to us? Ain’t no way he talking to us." @Benjamin Brainard had an epic reaction, saying, "This is absolutely just a scene from The Godfather."

Luckily, it seems like at least one of the older dogs is staring to warm up to this sweet gal, as is evident in another video shared by their mom.

In due time, hopefully, the whole pack will be the best of friends! 

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