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Video of Paralympic Athlete Giving Medal to Her Dog Has the Internet in Tears

It's always heartwarming to see athletes on the podium stand, earning their medals at the Olympics or Paralympics. They work nearly their entire life for that moment. As many of them shed a tear of happiness while listening to their national anthem be played, we also have tears in our eyes. But this latest set of tears comes in the form of a pup on the podium stand. 

The official TikTok account of NBC Olympics posted a clip of an Austrian Paralympic athlete earning a medal, but not without her sidekick named Riley. Carina Edlinger is a cross-country skier who won a bronze medal during the 2022 Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing. In the video, the 23-year-old skier is seen receiving the medal. She's about to celebrate but then reaches into her pocket to grab a smaller medal for her guide dog. The video has over 2.1 million views and 434.9K likes, and it's impossible not to get emotional after viewing it.

"Great, now I have to explain to my wife why I’m BALLING MY EYES OUT before bed," commented @Carlo Rubio. Was there anyone out there who didn't cry from this?! @Emily Prentiss Fan Club🦋 added, "It’s 6:30am and I am sobbing over this." 

Edlinger saved a medal in her pocket with the hopes of passing it along to her guide dog, Riley. Riley is so proud to be up there with his mom! Look at that wagging tail! He knew he did well. She even holds Riley up so they can stand on the podium together. 

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Another commenter, @langyuting_ asked, "WHERE IS HIS OFFICIAL OLYMPIC MEDAL? 🤨 he was a good boy he needs TWO. I’m outraged 😂." This is the best doggo in all the land, and we agree, he needs a real medal! Even the official account of Bark Box got in on the action and said, "It’s what Riley deserves 😤." Besides the crying, users are demanding the Olympic Committee start giving guide dogs medals too, or at least treats!, Now that's something nobody could resist tuning in for.

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