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Parrot Adorably Freaks Out After Realizing Her Dad Is Out of Town

Oh my goodness. After seeing this hilarious video of a parrot who wanders around the house looking for her dad only to realize he's nowhere to be found, you'll seriously want to adopt one yourself. 

The clip of the bird was shared by @abdul.yafai on TikTok, and the text on the video reads, "My wife sent me this while I was on a business trip." It starts off with the parrot calling out for her dad, Abduh, and the wife telling her, "Abduh's not here." In the caption, the owner explains, "This was around the time I usually read with her. She ended up chewing the book’s cover." The bird's reaction after learning dad is missing is so precious, yet so sad!

OMG. That poor little girl just wants her daddy! While it's so sweet that she loves and misses him so much, it's hard not to feel bad for her, given how sad she is! It's so cute how she finally gives up and goes over to mom for comfort.

After one commenter said, "Lol… the way she inspects to make sure he’s not there 😂," Abduh left a reply: "Even checked behind the door 😆."

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Another TikTok user, @Hannah, envisioned her saying, "WHERE IS MY MAN?!" Plenty of people demanded that he return home to the parrot immediately. And @dog_mom_3_2 couldn't resist adding, "I need this bird in my life. My whole family is in love with her. She was so upset with you. No more business trips 😂🥰."

Let's just hope this sweet gal wasn't too traumatized and breathed a sigh of relief once her dad finally got home. Surely, he wound up reading her an extra story on the night of his return!

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