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Patrick Wilson's Gross Confession About His Dogs Is Not for the Faint of Heart

We've heard about people who let their pets kiss them on the lips, eat off the same dishes, and get pretty up close and personal, but one actor just admitted that he's likely gotten a little too close for comfort while out on walks with his dogs. According to The New York Post, in a recent print interview with Empire Magazine, Patrick Wilson admitted to accidentally getting a taste of dog poop. Yes, dog poop. (OMG.)

When asked what the worst thing he's ever had in his mouth is (what a weird question), he reportedly replied, "It’s probably dog s–t. I’m sure, in my quest to pick up dog crap, that I have licked the bag to open the bag, and then it’s on my hand and I have dog s–t in there, too." Well, okay then. Guess he's one very committed dog dad! The actor actually has three dogs, Mabel, Eddie Van, and Louise, and he regularly shares cute snaps of the pups on Instagram.

Aww. They really are adorable pups! It can't be easy to manage all three of them while out on a walk, so it's not all that surprising that there might be some unwanted cross-contamination when trying to open a poop bag. 

Here's a pic that shows just how much Patrick adores his dogs. He certainly doesn't mind getting slobbery kisses!

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So sweet. What a love bug that pooch is.

The youngest pup of the Wilson family, Eddie Van, arrived as a Christmas 2020 gift, and that's when Patrick revealed where his adorable name came from.

His kids definitely picked the right moniker for the precious pup. If they take over dog walking duty, however, let's hope they're a little more cautious when it comes time to scoop the poop. 

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