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Tiny Kitten Named 'Peepers' Captures People's Hearts After Having His Eyes Removed

When a tiny 6-week-old kitten turned up at the Kentucky Humane Society about a week ago, the staff was shocked at the grave condition he was in. He had an awful bilateral eye infection, which was the worst the organization had ever seen. He wound up having to have his eyes removed, and the staff fittingly named him, "Peepers."

As you'll see in the initial Facebook post that was made by the Kentucky Humane Society, they were shocked by what bad shape he was in. The post reads, "The poor kitten's eyes had been left untreated for some time, resulting in the yes swelling up from infection and pushing them out of their sockets. By the time Peepers arrived at KHS, we knew there was no way to save his damaged eyes."

Oh my goodness. It's such a miracle that this precious kitten wound up in the care of rescuers when he did! 

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And now that he's on the road to recovery, the Kentucky Humane Society will be looking for the right foster home to help Peepers socialize with the help of other cats. Eventually, he'll be looking for the perfect forever home with people who will give him the love and care he so deserves.

Who wouldn't want to adopt Peepers? The Humane Society is probably flooded with calls already. We have no doubt that this precious guy will wind up with the right pet parents. In the meantime, any donations to cover the cost of Peepers' care and to help other animals in need can be made through the Kentucky Humane Society donation page.

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