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Pigeon Takes the Subway Like a True New Yorker

Remember the rat that was seen dragging a slice of pizza through a New York City subway stop? Yeah. That rodent has nothing on NYC pigeons, who obviously know how to behave like upstanding citizens. A video that was uploaded by @newyorkshitt to TikTok shows a pigeon hopping off the subway train like it's an everyday thing, and it's priceless.

The video is going viral and has over 1.4 million views, and honestly, it's so darn funny, you'll want to watch it over and over again. Check out how this pigeon struts over to the doors and exits the train by hopping onto the subway platform over the yellow line. It's almost as if it's a little human being trapped in a bird's body. 

OMG. Hilarious, right? Clearly this wasn't the pigeon's first rodeo, as it knows the drill as far as getting on and off the train goes. Being that this TikTok account centers around all things NYC, we'd have to expect the comments on this clip to be total classics, and oh boy, did they deliver. @Carolyn McBride said, "Why fly when you can take the train?" @9two5 added, "He paid his 2.75, let him be." And @micromashington thought the bird was clearly on a mission, saying, "Leave that man alone he got business to attend to." LOL!

Then there was @America Solorzano, who asked the main question that's running through all of our heads after seeing this bird do its thing: "My question is, how did he know that was his stop!?!" Hmm. Coney Island. Maybe it had a craving for a Nathan's hot dog? Tough to say.

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But the winner for the absolute best comment on this video goes to @Zelda Fitzgerald: "Carrier Pigeon just joined The Great Resignation and took the subway home!" 


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