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Pit Bull's Play Time With a Ball Launcher Goes Horribly Wrong in Viral Video

The options for dog toys are endless these days. From chew toys and puzzles, to ball launchers, there is always something new. It's so fun watching our four-legged besties get excited over a new toy. (Even though they have too many!) 

We also love when the light bulb goes off for our dogs when they figure out how to play with a new toy. We're not quite sure if TikTok dog @haventhepit figured out how to use a ball launcher on her own, but she seems to be enjoying it, even though things didn't quite go as planned. Over 22.6 million people viewed the clip of the pup. Watch what happens when her little game goes terribly wrong.

We can't help but laugh at Haven. (Ugh, sorry!) You'd think she understands the toy now, but maybe not? @FruitTMDragon said, "Alright, step one, drop ball in machine and uhh, step 2....what was step 2 again?...*thwap*." Aww, poor little baby! @Amanda Jenee wrote, "She's like, 'It’s a strange toy, but I love it.'” We promise it will be more fun Haven if you don't get hit in the face. "Understood the assignment but failed anyway," commented @Ladyandtheblues. Hey, it may look like she failed, but in her eyes, that was the assignment! 

Based off comments from the creator, it sounds like Haven likes playing this way! @J9 asked, "DOES THIS HAPPEN EVERY TIME?!" The creator responded with a loud, "YES!" At least she's enjoying it, right?! "I love how she flinches because she knows it'll happen but she does it anyway 😂😂," commented @audrey. She's here for the ~rush~ apparently! 

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Haven will never give up trying to catch the ball either. @Bryce Franke said, "She’s trying SO HARD to catch it immediately. One day she will." That's something we're absolutely confident about. Keep on going Haven!

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