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Mom Tells Tired Pit Bull It's Not Bedtime and Her Reaction Is Downright Pitiful

Bedtime routines always prove to be difficult with kids. They tend to argue about staying up later, or they claim that they brushed their teeth when you know they skipped that step. Dogs, on the other hand, are a walk in the park with bedtime! Why can't putting kids to bed be as easy as one Pit Bull, who was more than ready?

It was only about 10 minutes before bedtime, but this adorable Pit couldn't stay awake any longer. A TikTok clip from @sheeva_athena that has reached over 585.7K views shows how her dog is begging to be tuck into bed. The caption reads, "Bedtime with Linda! Doesn’t matter what you thought you had planned for tonight… It’s bedtime, Linda says!😂🤷‍♀️🐾.." Her precious little whines are just too cute to ignore.

You tuck her into bed right away when she asks next time! She's had a full day of playing, cuddling and eating so when she's done, she's done! "Linda is my spirit animal, always ready for bed even after I wake up," said @Mandyfhf Crabb. HA! That's us, too, especially on a Monday morning! 

"Omg!! That’s funny and adorable same time 😂😂," commented @allakhanin1. @Whitney Hughes added, "She was snoring before you covered her! Lol 💗🤣." Linda told you she was exhausted! 

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@Toni wrote, "I’m constantly saying to my dog, 'You would never survive in the wild,' Linda too. 😂😂 ." The creator responded, "Right!!!! I mean for real.. it’s 70° in here!😂🤷‍♀️." Oh leave her be! She's just a tired pup! 

Clearly, Linda loves her blankets, as her bed is covered with them. Viewers can even send her some! In the comments, @sheeva_athena gave an address to send Linda letters, and gifts. Plus, the family gives back to a local shelter. "For every 2 blankets Linda receives, we will donate a blanket to pups in need at our local rescues/shelters!🐾,," she explained in the comments. Aww! Thank you, Linda, for thinking of others animals in need. (And we sure hope mom tucks you in a little earlier from here on out.) 

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