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Pit Bull Pouts Like a Baby Over Not Getting McDonald's Fries

When it comes to fast food, there's really just nothing more addicting than McDonald's fries. They're crispy, salty, and oh-so-good, to the point where even dogs can't resist them. One Pit Bull in particular was so upset over the fact that nobody in the car ordered him some that he proceeded to pout like a baby.

The video of the sad, disappointed dog was shared on TikTok by @roddy_rodd89, and the text on the clip indicates that he's all bent out of shape over being denied his favorite treat. Try not to empathize with this pup. It's impossible.

OMG, somebody get this dude some McD's fries right now! Or at least one or two?! TikTok users were quick to support the sad Pit Bull. @dat1tacoguy joked, "My client will not continue to receive such neglect." And @Sherry Cobb said, "I’m mad right with him! The audacity 🤨." Then @Sophia Ray exclaimed, "You better give my son some fries!" Plenty of other commenters pleaded for his owner to give in and give him the fries as well.

But we probably shouldn't worry too much about him, as his owner took to the comments to let everyone know that fries were on the way, saying, "Crazy part is we were waiting for fresh ones and he got a attitude while waiting 😂." LOL! Guess nobody can really blame him. But man, you know the fresh fries had to be more than worth the wait. 

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And for anyone who is worried about the dog ingesting too much salt, OG's owner also reassured everyone that the fries they were waiting on were unsalted. Only the best for this sweet, pampered pooch.

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