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Pit Bull's Touching Reaction to Being Showered With Love Is Going Viral

Pit Bulls can sometimes get a bad reputation, but the owners who love them know just how sweet and affectionate of a breed they are. A recent TikTok video posted by @lilybug_lpb shows a special interaction between a Pit Bull and a couple who comes to the house to visit her, and it's so sweet, people can't resist it.

The video of the encounter is going viral with 3.9 million views and nearly a million likes. At first, it looks like just your regular, ordinary exchange of people greeting a dog. But as the couple in the video keeps showering the Pit Bull with love and affection, she can't hold back her emotions.

She was actually moved to tears! (Oh, my heart.) What a wonderful, innocent, sweet moment to capture on video. People who watched the clip are having their own emotional reactions to seeing her so happy with all of the love and attention she's being shown. Plenty of people are admitting that they're crying after watching this. @Charlene Benning left a comment, saying, "She can’t contain her excitement, she loves love .. and she’s vocal. I LOVE HER." Another TikTok fan of the clip, @Megan S added, "All the dogs in the world should feel this loved 🥺🥺." And @Mars chimed in with, "Omg, I’ve never seen a dog cry?!! 🥺🥺🥺."

One commenter, @Goldie Monster, pointed out the obvious: "Dog parents understand that when your dog parent friends come over, it’s just to visit your doggos 😂." Ha! So true!

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This sweet gal's mom sure has some amazing friends, and there's no doubt she'll be even more excited when these two visit again in the future. There are plenty more kisses waiting for her!

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